Empty Kitchen Deep Cleaning


Oil & grease stain removal from walls, slabs, cabinets, stove, sink etc.
Cabinets/drawers cleaned from inside.Removal & placing back items not included
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Our empty kitchen cleaning service ensures a thorough cleaning and sanitization of your kitchen space, focusing on all surfaces and areas for a pristine and hygienic environment.



  1. ✔️ Cleaning and sanitization of countertops, including removal of any stains or residues.
  2. ✔️ Wiping down of kitchen cabinets, drawers, and shelves to remove dust, dirt, and grease buildup.
  3. ✔️ Degreasing and cleaning of kitchen appliances, such as stove, oven, microwave, and refrigerator.
  4. ✔️ Scrubbing and disinfection of sink and faucet, including removal of limescale and soap scum.
  5. ✔️ Cleaning and polishing of kitchen fixtures, handles, and knobs for a shiny finish.
  6. ✔️ Sweeping and mopping of kitchen floors, focusing on hard-to-reach areas and corners.
  7. ✔️ Removal of cobwebs and dust from kitchen ceiling and light fixtures.
  8. ✔️ Disposal of any trash or debris found in the kitchen area.


Please Note:


  • ✔️ Our service is tailored for cleaning empty kitchens and does not include the removal or replacement of utensils or personal items.
  • ✔️ It is recommended to schedule regular kitchen cleaning to maintain cleanliness and prevent the buildup of dirt and germs.
  • ✔️ Customers are advised to remove any personal items or utensils from the kitchen area before the cleaning service.
  • ✔️ Our service does not include cleaning items stored inside cabinets and drawers unless specifically requested.
  • ✔️ if required please provide ladder.


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Empty Kitchen Cleaning Service

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