Sanitizing is the process of lowering the bacterial numbers to below a certain percentage.

Sanitizing is the removal of contaminants that could grow bacteria.

Sterilizing is the complete destruction of Bacteria and Virus

In The Cleaning Company we do Sanitization with Sterilization – this way it is more effective as it not only brings down bacterial numbers but it also DESTROYS the VIRUS.

STERILE FUME is cleaning an article of some or all of the pathogenic organisms which may
cause infection.

Why Now?

Sporadic cases of COVID- 19 and other bacteria and virus related infections

How STERILE FUME Service – Microbial Disinfection helps?

Sterile Fume Spray – Microbial Disinfection is an effective treatment designed by The
Cleaning Company.

Sterile Fume – uses a unique formulation with powerful composition that surpasses all other

Sterile Fume will be carried out with the selected chemical using Ultralow volume misting
machines (ulvs).

Ensure all sensitive equipment’s such as PCs, photocopier machine, printers and etc. are
covered with plastic sheets or newspaper and all air conditions are turned “off” prior to this
treatment being carried out

The enclosed treatment area will be exposed with the solution for a minimum of 03 hours

Premise is ready to use after 03 hours of the treatment


For STERILE FUME Every it is recommended to do every 20 days.
Yes, Yearly Contracts Available we can also customize this based on your requirements.
Yearly Contract gives you a benefit up to 35%.
STERILE FUME takes 45- 60 minutes. (2bhk – 1500 sq. ft.)
We recommend families to stay out for at least 1hr.
We use Sprayer – Mist to disinfect all areas – ULTRA LOW VOLUME MISTING MACHINE.
Cover all electronic items like laptop, computer, tv.
Sanitize and wipe all touch points like door handles, fridge handles, table, remote with microfiber duster and chemical.
Treatment can be carried out for Surface and aerial disinfection. Treatment to be done with ULV(Ultra low volume) Misting .For the all open area shall be treated for only Surface disinfection.
Minimum 2 And maximum 5 people will visit for treatment.
Misting/Spraying shall be done for outside. For individual houses Misting/Spraying shall be carried out Exposure 1 hour, and Ventilate for 1 hour before occupying
The effect may last for a week however it can be prolonged depending upon the hygiene practices. As we are aware it’s a droplet infection so social distancing needs to be maintained of about 1.5mtrs which we believe is already instructed to all your Members.
The chemicals used by us are biodegradable in nature hence they do not have any adverse residual effect, they purely work upon the elimination and controlling of microorganisms, pathogens, viruses and fungi.
We use 2 Types of chemicals this depends on where is the location and its requirements.
We use Virex 2 256 – Diversey and Care P – Absolute Solutions.
Once the service is confirmed the MSDS sheet of the Chemicals can be forwarded to you upon request.
Yes all electronics will be covered. However we use the plastic available with you, we can also provide the sheets for an extra charge.
Maximum 3.5 hours. & 3 Hrs wait before entering premises after Sterile Fume.
For common area rates shall be Rs. 2.00 + GST(18%). for 2 BHK Rs. 2299 + GST & for 3 BHK Rs. 2599 + GST

We provide full home deep cleaning services that will make your home shine like new. Try us once, and you will never try anyone else.

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