"To build a business that not only benefits the company, but benefits the society we live in". - Shahnawaazz Sumarani
Shahnawaazz started his career as the founder and CEO of Hope entrepreneurs, where he motivated young and dynamic individuals to excel in their life. He loved what he did as he believed the best way to make the society better is to inspire the young minds. After a few years, he decided to venture out and polish his skills further. He joined the NEXA Motors Group as Senior Manager. He began to apply his knowledge and people skills he had gained as a motivational speaker. One fine day at a Nexa Motors showroom, he noticed the cleaning staff were not trained properly. That’s when he got the idea to build a business which would help the society while keeping international cleaning standards. This is when The Cleaning Company came to life. It started with no office and a small team of 5. The idea was selling cleaning services which is essential for better hygiene and health while also giving job to the low income group people in this country. The Cleaning Company started small in the housekeeping industry with a small team of 5 in 2016 and today we are a team of 500. This was only possible because of the vision and passion Shahnawaazz puts in daily and even today he remembers all the staff by name despite being the founder. As a CEO, he is responsible for marketing, operations as well as customer relations. He has a vast experience in the field of Sales and has flair of forming long term and trustworthy relations with clients and stakeholders. He has been in the cleaning industry for 5 yrs. and has built his reputation and rapport as a genuine and reliable service provider. He is a complete family man, who likes to spend his leisure time with his wife and daughter.

vision & mission

The Cleaning Company was established in the year 2016. It was founded by Mr. Shahnawaazz Sumarani who is currently CEO of the company. The company was built with the aspiration of providing service to address the cleaning and housekeeping requirements of residential as well as commercial spaces. The idea was further cemented by the Indian Government’s Clean India initiative.
"We believe a clean environment is necessary for our society, we hire and train people to first be clean and then spread the joy of cleanliness around them"
The Cleaning Company
The Cleaning company

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