Ceiling Fan Cleaning


Cleaning of one ceiling fan
Removal of deeply embedded dirt and oil deposits from fan blades

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Service Details

• Our ceiling fan cleaning service ensures the cleanliness and smooth operation of your ceiling fans, reducing dust accumulation and improving air quality in your home.


• Preparation of the surrounding area to prevent dust from spreading.

• Dusting of the ceiling fan blades and motor housing using a microfiber cloth or duster.

• Application of a mild cleaning solution to remove stubborn dirt or grease buildup.

• Wiping down of the fan blades and motor housing with a damp cloth.

• Inspection of the fan’s mounting hardware for any loose screws or connections.

• Reassembly of the cleaned ceiling fan components.

• Testing the ceiling fan to ensure proper operation and balance.

Please Note:

• Regular cleaning of ceiling fans helps prevent dust buildup, reducing strain on the motor and prolonging the fan’s lifespan.

• It is recommended to schedule ceiling fan cleaning periodically to maintain optimal performance and air circulation.

• Customers are advised to turn off the power supply to the ceiling fan before cleaning to avoid electrical hazards.


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