Gas Stove Cleaning


Cleaning of one gas stove
Removal of stains & spots using cleaner

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Service Details

• Our gas stove cleaning service ensures thorough cleaning and maintenance of your gas stove to keep it functioning efficiently and looking its best.


• Removal of stove grates, burner caps, and knobs.

• Soaking of grates and burner caps in a degreasing solution to loosen dirt and grease.

• Scrubbing and cleaning of stove surfaces using specialized cleaning agents.

• Cleaning and degreasing of burner ports and ignition components.

• Wiping down of stove exterior to remove grease and stains.

• Reassembly of stove components and final inspection.


Please Note:

• This service does not include repair or replacement of damaged stove parts.

• Stubborn stains or burnt-on residue may require additional treatment and may not be completely removed.

• For safety reasons, the gas supply should be turned off and the stove cooled down before cleaning.



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