Utensils Removal & Placing Back


Removing all the utensils & placing them back
This service is excluded from basic kitchen cleaning service

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Service Details

• Our utensils removal and placing back service ensures the convenient and organized handling of your kitchen utensils during cleaning or maintenance activities.


• Careful removal of utensils from cupboards, drawers, or shelves.

• Temporary storage of utensils in designated containers or areas.

• Thorough cleaning or maintenance of the kitchen area.

• Organized placement of utensils back into their respective storage spaces.

• Final inspection to ensure all utensils are properly placed and organized.

Please Note:

• Utensils are handled with care to prevent damage or breakage during removal and placing back.

• Any fragile or delicate utensils are handled with extra caution.

• Customers are advised to inform the service provider of any specific instructions or preferences regarding utensil placement.



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