Fridge Deep Cleaning


Deep cleaning of one fridge’s interiors and exteriors
Dry cleaning of the back side

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Service Details

• Our fridge deep cleaning service ensures the thorough cleaning and sanitization of your refrigerator, focusing on the interior compartments and surfaces for a fresh and hygienic storage environment, using professional-grade cleaning materials.



• Defrosting of the freezer compartment (if applicable).

• Removal of shelves, drawers, and other removable components.

• Washing of shelves, drawers, and trays with warm, soapy water using professional-grade cleaning materials.

• Cleaning of the interior surfaces with a mild cleaning solution suitable for refrigerators.

• Removal of tough stains or residues using appropriate cleaning agents recommended for refrigerator cleaning.

• Wiping down of exterior surfaces, including handles and doors, using specialized cleaning materials.

• Inspection of refrigerator seals and gaskets for any signs of wear or damage.


Please Note:

•  It is recommended to deep clean the refrigerator every 3-6 months to maintain cleanliness and prevent food contamination.

• Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that may damage the refrigerator interior.

• Customers are advised to unplug the refrigerator and let it warm up slightly before cleaning to avoid damage to the cooling mechanism.

• Our service utilizes professional-grade cleaning materials and does not involve the use of baking soda and vinegar for cleaning.

• Our service does not include removing or rearranging items inside the refrigerator or cleaning the rear exterior of the fridge.


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Fridge Deep Cleaning

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